Little Black Dress Party 2019 - STAR 94.1

The 2019 "Little Black Dress Party" at the Buckhead Theatre was incredible fun! Check out the video for some highlights from OBB's performance, the restaurants like Red Pepper Taqueria, and the huge dance party.

Chef Mimmo cooks up some delicious food for TV host Christine Pullara for 50th B-Day on 11 Alive

Chef Mimmo cooks up some delicious food for Atlanta & Co. host Christine Pullara for 50th B-Day on 11 Alive

Immigrant Hustle: 100 Success Stories from American Entrepreneurs Born Offshore — Mimmo Alboumeh

(Photo Credit: Tomas Espinoza)

What’s your name, company name, and title?

Mimmo Alboumeh, Red Pepper Taqueria, Chef/Owner.

Which country did you emigrate from?


Why did you or your family decide to immigrate?

My family started migrating in the mid-’70s from Lebanon to Italy, Spain, then the USA in the late ’80s. I came to Atlanta in 1995.

What was the most difficult thing you faced when you arrived in the US?

I honestly was lucky because I had a large family here already. Adjusting to the American culture was easy, and people didn’t have so much hate and segregation like you see today.

What was your very first job?

I have worked in restaurants since I was 15 years old. My first job in Atlanta was at Don Juan Spanish Restaurant, closed now. It was very popular and one of the original restaurants in the city.

Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?

At a very young age, maybe 8–10 years old, I was already helping my grandmother in the kitchen and in her small grocery store. She cooked all the time. The Chef dream was born then. I was blessed to have the ambition to become who I am. Of course, it only took 20 years to learn and build the business.

How did you raise the money necessary to launch your business?

Credit cards, loans, and partners. (My least favorite is having partners. It’s never easy for a chef to have another partner that isn’t from a chef background).

What was the most difficult thing you faced when you first started your business?

I was broke. I used all my credit limits and barely got by.

Why do you think you have been successful?

My unconditional commitment and determination to succeed. Treat every employee with respect and they will treat your guests even better.

What advice do you have for newly arrived immigrants that want to pursue the path of entrepreneurship?

We must learn the real facts in life; money cannot fix everything, but life experience can. Work for small and big companies, be patient and learn slowly. The entrepreneurship seeds will start growing before you know it.

Amine Rahal

Mimmo, we couldn't have done it without you! - Frank Ski Wine Tasting

Dear Mimmo,

Thank you for serving as a wine host at this year’s Frank Ski Kids Foundation Celebrity Wine Tasting & Live Auction. Your support of the foundation is essential in providing children with the necessary education and hands-on experiences vital to furthering their ambitions

Because of caring people like you, the Frank Ski Kids Foundations continues to make great strides in helping children achieve their goals and experience things that they never knew were possible. 
To see pictures from the event, click here.

Arielle Sanders



Red Pepper Taqueria – You may be surprised to know that a full 90 percent of the menu here can be made gluten free. Some items are naturally gluten free, but many tacos can become gluten free by swapping to corn tortillas. Just ask your server.

By Malika Bowling Friday, January 12, 2018


Did someone say tacos? National Taco Day is in October, and trying to pick from Atlanta's numerous Mexican restaurants can be daunting. So here are my picks for places to celebrate this beloved food. Some have fantastic decor that you can't ignore, perfect for a celebration, while others are no frills, but make up for it with fantastic tacos. 

  1. Babalu – Probably the sleekest spot on this list, Babalu has locations in several cities in the Southeast and features both tacos and tapas. With nine different kinds of tacos, it can be tough to choose, but a pork belly is quite interesting, drizzled with a peanut sauce. Snag a table outside on this hot Midtown patio.
  2. El Rey de Taco – This restaurant, whose name means “the king of tacos,“ is located on Buford Highway. It’s a rite of passage to dine here for these tasty and inexpensive tacos. Here you’ll find taco fillings like pork stomach, chitlins and tongue. However, you can “play it safe” with pork, flank steak or mushrooms.
  3. El Taco Veloz – With locations all around Atlanta, this no-frills spot keeps it real with low prices and quality tacos. Expect long lines during peak lunch hours. You’ll need to get at least two to fill you up. Get the barbacoa and lengua. Wash them down with a horchata (cinnamon/milk drink). 
  4. Hankook – At the height of fusion popularity, Hankook opened on the Westside and is a combination of Asian and Mexican. The calamari tacos are a standout. And items like the sesame sweet potato fries are a hit. Tip: Avoid the lunch rush as parking is a mess.
  5. Holy Taco – Located in the East Atlanta Village, Holy Tacos are super inexpensive. Goat and 12-hour braised pork shoulder tacos are good choices.
  6. La Carreta – If you find yourself in Marietta, near the Big Chicken, try to make it over to La Carreta. Handmade tacos are filled with well-seasoned meats, many of which are topped with a lovey avocado sauce.  Tip: There’s a small grocery store attached to the restaurant.
  7. The Original El Taco – This family-friendly restaurant is located in the Virginia Highland neighborhood. Get the pork cheek tacos or the smoked chicken tacos. Going with a group? Get the taco platter (five tacos, rice and beans).
  8. Red Pepper – The festive decor at Red Pepper makes the perfect place to gather with your gang. The best are the shrimp and kale tacos, but go and find your favorite on the menu.
  9. Rock ‘N Taco – There are 20 gourmet tacos to choose from, all priced between three and four bucks at this Buckheadspot. Standouts include the duck confit, roasted lamb and Mediterranean with smoked salmon, capers, goat cheese and a basil aioli. But if you love tuna poke, you are making a mistake if you don’t get at least one of these tacos.
  10. Rreal Tacos – Adrian Villarreal’s restaurant marries his training in Le Cordon Bleu Paris with his Mexican heritage. Order the pork trompo, also known as al pastor, and grilled beef. The pork trompo is on display on a spinning skewer as you enter Rreal Tacos in Midtown. The beef barbacoa and pork carnitas are shredded and another good choice
  11. Taco Cowboy – The chic restaurant is much more upscale than you’d expect from your typical taco joint. There’s a lovely patio in the back. Start your dinner off with your own personal margarita. Don’t miss the Trailer Park taco.
  12. Taqueria del Sol – These small tacos pack a punch. And lucky for Atlantans there are locations all over the city. There are only six varieties to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with any of the choices. However, my personal favorite is the brisket. I always pair it with the shrimp and corn chowder plus a house margarita.
  13. Teela – though this Sandy Springs restaurant isn’t going to win awards for authenticity, it does have a fun vibe for getting a group together. Highlights are the Bang Bang Shrimp, Holy Mole Chicken and chorizo (stuffed with dates, feta cheese and bacon bits).

Malika Bowling is the author of Culinary Atlanta: Guide to the Best Restaurants, Markets, Breweries and More!, and founder of Roamilicious. Malika also has served as a judge at various culinary competitions and food festivals, including Taste of Atlanta. Her podcast, Just a Byte, can be downloaded from iTunes. Follow her on Twitter @MalikaBowling and Instagram


Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.21.48 AM.png

Whether you are looking to get down to business at lunch or you just want to get out of the office, there's a spot for you in Buckhead. Here are 10 of the best lunch spots in this swank Atlanta neighborhood.

  1. Blue Moon Pizza – If an office outing is in your future, this pizza spot is a terrific choice. Who doesn't love pizza? Therestaurant does have lunch specials available daily, but it's better to go and share a pie as there are more than a dozen specialty pies to choose from. My go to is the Luna with chorizo, jalapenos and spicy ranch. Having a party? Blue Moon's food truck and can come to you. 
  2. Capital Grille – Sure, when you think of Capital Grille, you think of a hearty steak. And the grille does that well, but the restaurant also features a delicious two-course lunch that will have you in and out in no time. Start with creamy butternut squash bisque then get the tenderloin sliders. Of course, they come with truffle fries. Wash it all down with the house-made grapefruit soda.
  3. Chow Bing – Chinese doesn’t always mean food that is laden with MSG. At Chow Bing, Gary Lin uses lots of organic meats and items containing no MSG. Get the crawfish wontons. In the mood for something really hot? Order the Sichuan wings, true to the “tongue-numbingly hot” promise on the menu. Just make sure you have a bubble tea handy to combat the burn. For a main, get Chow’s chicken.
  4. Davio’s – The signature spring rolls are a must order when you are dining with a group. Chicken parm, Reuben and Philly cheesesteak are highlights. Paninis and pizza are quite affordable, but steaks and other heartier options are available, too.
  5. Doraku – Located in swanky Shops Buckhead Atlanta, you’d expect prices to be extremely high, but at this sushi spot lunches are quite reasonable. Get a bento box or one of the the lunch specialties.
  6. La Fonda – This Latin restaurant features some of the best enchiladas you can find in the city. Quesadillas and paella are decent, too. Though the decor is no frills, parking is easy to come by and prices are quite affordable.
  7. Red Pepper Taqueria – Here you’ll find excellent margaritas and tacos. My favorite are the shrimp and kale tacos. But go and find your favorite.
  8. Storico Fresco – What started out as a simple Italian market has morphed into a full-fledged restaurant. Stock up on dry pastas like chickpea or squid ink from the display to take home with you. Pastas like lasagna are the highlight, but sides like grilled asparagus or the rapini (broccoli rabe) with smoked ricotta are just $6 each, or you may make your own vegetable plate by choosing three for $15.
  9. Sufi’s – The kebabs here are a specialty and are served with aromatic saffron basmati rice. There are plenty vegetarian selections though. Try delicious eggplant dishes, falafel wraps and more. Bringing the kids? There is a kebab menu for them.
  10. Yumbii – The popularity of Yumbii’s food truck spurred the restaurant location in Buckhead. You’ll find ample parking in the lot behind the restaurant. The small, fast casual restaurant  has a bright and modern look. Some of my favorite items are the panko-crusted fish tacos, Asian rib eye Philly, spicy pork burrito and sides like sesame fries with Sriracha cheese dip.


Malika Bowling is the author of Culinary Atlanta: Guide to the Best Restaurants, Markets, Breweries and More!, and founder of Roamilicious. Malika also has served as a judge at various culinary competitions and food festivals, including Taste of Atlanta. Her podcast, Just a Byte, can be downloaded from iTunes. Follow her on Twitter @MalikaBowling and Instagram

The Most Extravagant Cocktails for National Tequila Day in Atlanta

Tequila lovers, this one’s for you!  It’s time to rejoice, celebrate and of course drink to celebrate the upcoming holiday: National Tequila Day (on July 24,2017).  We found the most extravagant and delicious cocktails in Atlanta this summer, so go ahead check out these tequila masterpieces and honor this special day.

Chef Mimmo at Red Pepper Taqueria is gearing up for National Tequila Day with a whole host of tequila concoctions including the Paloma Margarita. But for the true tequila connoisseurs, you will find a large selection of various tequilas like Extra Añejo aged for more than three years in oak barrels, RP infused tequilas, a variety of Sotol and Mezcals and, our favorite, Tequila flights which are served with sangrita.