Feast Your Eyes: Red Pepper Taqueria


Attention: I have found my new favorite neighborhood eatery! 

Even though I’ve lived in Atlanta for almost two decades, I’ve never found a place I could be loyal to (I’m also entirely too much of  venturer, which doesn’t help). But Red Pepper Taqueria has stolen my heart. 

The best margaritas in town. Amazing guac. Some of the tastiest Mexican food I’ve ever had. Fresh oysters and ceviche. Decadent desserts. I’m hooked. 

Let’s start with the margs: I like ‘em simple. No strawberry-mango flavors, no mixers. Just the made-from-scratch stuff, poured over rocks, with a salted rim. But when I realized Red Pepper serves a blood orange margarita, I had to try it. It is to die for! Not at all sweet, a little tart — perfection. 

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