We're the Taco Addiction Specialist

Yes, its true.  On some web page that we cannot recall, there was some doctor-guy that said Tacos are highly addictive and that it's like the only acceptable addiction that should be fed on a regular basis.  At Red Pepper Taquería, we're Addicted To Tacos™ and we strive to make the tastiest tacos just to feed your addiction... and ours, of course :)

Oh, and did we mention we have Gluten free options on our menu?  Come Get Yours at RPT Buckhead or Decatur

And Your Snack On

Taco's are our specialty, but we're not your typical Mexican joint.  Our Chef Mimmo combines the best  fresh local ingredients and his home-made sauces to make a taco addict feel right at home.

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Get Your Drink On

We've got specials!  There's a reason to visit RPT every day of the week.  Wanna know more?  Check out our weekly specials and events page to see what's going on right now-now-now ((echo)).

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AND Your Game On!

That's right - we're also sports junkies and we have over 20 Hi-Def flat screens with a good view in any area of the restaurant or bar.  If there's a game on, we're playing it.  From The Braves, Falcons, Dawgs and GA Tech to Mexican and Euro Soccer, Hockey, Lucha Libre Wresteling - you name it!  We also feature awesome Pay-Per-View Events including the biggest Boxing matches and UFC Action.  
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