rp taqueria is your Taco Addiction Specialist

Yes, its true.  On some web page that we cannot recall, there was some doctor-guy that said Tacos are highly addictive and that it's like the only acceptable addiction that should be fed on a regular basis.  At Red Pepper Taquería, we're Addicted To Tacos™ and we strive to make the tastiest tacos just to feed your addiction... and ours, of course :)

Taco's are our specialty, but we're not your typical Mexican joint.  Our Chef Mimmo combines the best  fresh local ingredients and his home-made sauces to make a taco addict feel right at home.

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We've got specials!  There's a reason to visit RPT every day of the week.  Wanna know more?  Check out our weekly specials and events page to see what's going on right now-now-now ((echo)).

Current Drink Special:
$11 Rosa
Espolòn | Lime | Hibiscus

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We offer a fun and inviting atmosphere for you and your friends to enjoy your freshly made margaritas or handcrafted tacos.

We're also sports junkies and we have over 20 Hi-Def flat screens with a good view in any area of the restaurant or bar.  If there's a game on, we're playing it.  From The Braves, Falcons, Dawgs and GA Tech to Mexican and Euro Soccer, Hockey, Lucha Libre Wresteling - you name it!  We also feature awesome Pay-Per-View Events including the biggest Boxing matches and UFC Action.  
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